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Fleet Management Systems

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Building Management Systems

Automatic Vehicle Locating


Online Remote Controling

Undo/Redo functionallity

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Fleet Management Systems

Sales, installation of various vehicle tracker devices, personal tracker and satellite car alarms

Internet of things

Design, programming, installation and support of fleet management systems and web tracking in the aerospace, marine, land, RFID, and intelligent building systems, adapted to the technology of the day.

Satellite Solutions

Design, manufacture and sale of GPS tracker devices in GSM and satellite communications platforms

  • AMO IP68 Video FlashLight

    Smart flashlights

    دوربین فیلمبرداری چراغ قوه ای مدل AT-FL1201
  • Teltonika FMB630

    Vehicle Tracker Teltonika

    ردیاب خودرو تلتونیکا Teltonika FMB630
  • Vehicle Tracker 058S

    Vehicle Tracker and Motorcycle

    ردیاب خودرو گلوبال استار مدل 058S
  • Personal Tracker

    very small personal tracker

    ردیاب شخصی گلوبال استار مدل TK102
  • Vehicle Tracker TK103B

    ردیاب خودرو گلوبال استار مدل TK103B+
  • Engineering design

    Precise feasibility and proper measurement of requirements in accordance with the needs of the industry and the presentation and design of the system at the lowest cost and in full compliance with the standards of the world today, therefore, whatever it does with futurity and more precision, as a result of a more robust system with efficiency We will have more.

  • after-sales service

    The most important issue in selling a product is to provide after-sales service and the most important after-sales service in telecommunication equipment providing technical support for the products provided. These services include training, providing solutions and methods for the use of equipment, repairing equipment in the shortest possible time.

  • Technical support and services

    What is evident is the performance of zero to one hundred projects by a team of professionals, both in terms of time and financially more cost-effective and more rigorous, and Orang Kaleh Company has this unique feature.

  • Update products

    In the technology world, a new window opens every day, providing the equipment and technologies of the day according to the needs of the industries are the goals of the company.

Orange company, the exclusive distributor of Global Telecom and Vehicle Tracker and Global Car Starter Detector, has focused its activities on the Internet of objects, GPS tracking devices and systems, and fleet management, tracking, tracking, GSM-based GPRS-based security

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